Those people who take up painting professionally will agree that inspiration alone is not enough for a seminal work. The necessary art supplies must be near you, just close at hand at the right time, to feel maximum job satisfaction. Therefore, some experts argue that the creative process is a combination of well-organized work and an inspired state of mind. Only then, the results exceed expectations. Also, creativity brings satisfaction, both aesthetic and moral.

Art Supplies

Where to buy art supplies?

Certainly, you have already faced a situation when paints, as well as paper art, were running out at the same time, for example. Or you have lost art markers and colored pencils just at that moment when you were determined to work. We understand how it is important for such a creative profession as an artist not to waste time surfing the net in search of the necessary materials.

We are the company that specializes in the artists supplies and can deliver art products for all over the country. Art Whale realizes the most necessary art materials. In our assortment, there are painting supplies for all categories of painters. Look at the content section of this site to familiarize yourself with the products offered by us!

If you are an amateur painter, then we understand how it is essential for you to familiarize yourself with the art supplies, as well as to determine your favorite ones. We have everything you need to create masterpieces. In such a way you can experiment with different tools for drawing such as art paper, canvases, colored pencils, etc. Alternatively, if you are an experienced artist, then you will certainly appreciate our sets of artists supplies, which will allow you to use the most diverse drawing techniques, create a play of light and shadow and develop your own style.


What main for painting do I need?

We offer you art supplies which could be useful for people of all skill levels, ages etc. Besides, we know firsthand how important it is to have high-quality materials in a studio, so we offer you the same art supplies that we would choose for ourselves.

Do not hesitate

We know that the artist's talent can be fully developed, only when he uses the appropriate paints and tools. We will be glad if our products help you to showcase your skills.

Arts and Crafts


Have you noticed how many types of paints exist today? It is just an embarrassment of riches, especially for a beginner. If an experienced artist knows what painter supply he or she needs, then it is a challenge for an amateur. You can buy here different paints such as gouache, watercolors, oil and acryl paint. Besides, pay attention to colored pencils, markers. They can be useful as well. By the way, look through the catalog to find more information.



Paintbrushes are an indispensable tool for an artist. High-quality, correctly selected materials will not only become reliable helpers for many years but also allow experimenting with techniques, making the painting process even more exciting and interesting. It is so important to buy good artist brushes.


Paper & Canvas

A ground is an important detail in making beautiful and high-quality art too. The realization of the idea and choosing a painting technique depends on the drawing surface. Thanks to a properly selected canvas in our art store, you can put any crazy idea into practice. Some text


Tools and Materials

In addition to the basic tools for drawing, we advise you to choose other essential materials in the art and craft store, which is very useful in work. Pick up a wooden palette, or buy a good artboard. Do not forget to purchase other tools such as manikin, art knives, etc. that might also interest you.