Art Sets

Why Do I Need an Art Set?

Art set for creativity is a real catch for any artist. If one can talk for hours only about the variety of colors, and artistic tools in general, then the choice of a painting set is even more difficult. On the other hand, it simplifies the artist`s lives. Art sets consist of a wide variety of painting tools. By the way, its versatility lies in the fact that all necessary to create a picture is included in one painting kit.

Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of time choosing all the tools separately. In addition, art set is very convenient especially for beginners, who very often cannot determine the desirable type of paints or choose the right palette. In this case, the art set is exactly what you need. You can also please close ones with such a wonderful gift. They will appreciate it.

Art Set
Art Sets for All Ages

Painting set is equally suitable for both children and adults. They include all the items necessary for painting, depending on the preferences of the buyer. Of course, for children it is better to choose less professional sets, because they only learn to paint. We also advise you to buy art set for beginners if you have just started to paint.

Meanwhile, more experienced artists can try their hand with professional sets, which may include the tools necessary for one type of painting, for example watercolor sets. You can also purchase a pen and pencil sets. The main advantage is that the artist knows for sure that the tools he has acquired suit each other, for example, the surface of the canvas and paints.


It is very important for any artist to be confident in the quality of his tool. However, sometimes beginner artists are disappointed in their abilities after unsuccessful attempts to paint something. Unfortunately, many of them take it personally, not realizing that in many cases the ill-chosen tools are the reason for it. For example, they may have taken a brush unsuitable for oil paints.

That is why we advise you to buy art set for beginners, in which there are all the necessary materials that will definitely not let you down. Besides, professional artists can buy a collection of paints or markers, with a huge palette of shades such as pencil art kit. If anyone knows exactly where to apply certain shade, then it is an experienced artist.

Art Set for Beginners
Artists Gift Sets

If your friends or relatives love to paint then the ideal gift for them is an art paint set. First, you definitely will not back the wrong horse. To be more exact, if you do not make sense of paints, canvases, brushes, etc., then you can choose the wrong gift. Meanwhile, paint set includes those things that are usable indeed. Second, painting kit looks good.

As a rule, it is a painting box or it may resemble a suitcase. By the way, it is beautifully decorated. Besides, all artists dream of having something like that. It’s very easy to choose the right drawing sets even for those who are unfamiliar with art. Subsequently, it is very convenient, because you will definitely choose a worthy gift. Besides, spare paints or canvas would be helpful as well.

Painting Kit

What Are the Types of Painting Kits?

Without any doubt, all art set can be divided into types.

Basic sets include pencils or markers, and, if necessary, also a ground for painting or a brush. Also, painting kits may vary and contain other necessary tools, such as canvas paint set or easel.

It is distinguished according to the type of paint as well:

Watercolor Set

Watercolor set

consists of paints and paper, necessary for drawing with it;

Acrylic Set

Acrylic set

also has everything you need for drawing exclusively with acrylic;

Gouache sets

Gouache sets

contents may include paints, paper, and brushes;

Oil Paint Set

Oil paints sets

contain paints, a ground and sometimes additional materials, such as an easel or solvents.

Besides, pay attention to sketchbooks. You can buy it together with paints suitable for sketchbook s paper type. Furthermore, there is canvas paint set where the main element is, respectively, canvas. But apart from that the set may contain paints, brushes, etc. Also, pay heed to such accessories as art carrying bag or art organizer. This is pretty convenient.

Travel Kit

Travel Kits

Inspiration is often coming in when you are in such beautiful places as mountains or on the oceanfront. Nevertheless, if you do not live in such a place, then you probably travel often. How can you go on the road without your favorite paints and easel? You just cannot. However, tools occupy a lot of space, which create a nuisance. In such a case, travel watercolor set comes to the assistance.

It includes all the necessary tools, but is very convenient in transportation at the same time due to its small size. Thus, you take everything you need for drawing, but, meanwhile, do not burden yourself with unnecessary things. The sketchbook set is perhaps the smallest example. Larger sets take up more space, respectively, but still remain within the limits convenient for travel. Thus, it is very comfortable to travel with.