Hello everyone! Let's Get Acquainted

Many artists prefer oil painting to all the other types. The cause lies in the properties of oil paints thanks to which, it is more suitable for incarnating a vision in a painting.

We, the founders of this website, are artists and art lovers ourselves. For us, this is, above all, an interesting project that helps the beginner artists to learn the ropes of art. All our goods are created, taking into account personal experience. As artists, we, like no one else, know all the secrets of creating paintings. Like millions of others, we started from scratch, tried different colors, and applied them to various techniques. Over time, we gained experience that helped us bring the project you are reading about to life.

We Know What You Need

If you come to an art studio, you will see how everything is conveniently arranged. For instance, there are all kinds of tools such as easels, paints, pencils, erasers, brushes, and other tools that you may need. Everything is in its right place, and the only reason for the chaos in the art studio is the drawing process itself. Nevertheless, the artist is surrounded by a huge number of tools, and his task is to be able to apply all this. In fact, his workplace is no different from the cockpit, where the pilot must know the function of all buttons that, by the way, are more than a hundred. Inspired by such a studio, you are trying to fit up your mini art workshop at home and find everything you need on the Internet. And here the problem of choice arises: there are a lot of materials and tools as well as manufacturers. So, what to choose for the first time? Do not worry! Everything is much simpler than you think!

Our Personal Experience

When we started to paint, the same as many of you nowadays, we also tried to figure it all out. At first, everything seemed incomprehensible to us. For a long time, we could not understand what type of paints we like more. Besides, we spent hours shopping for the brushes and could not decide between a kolinsky sable-hair paintbrush and squirrel paintbrush. We made mistakes, changed tools, and tried. You can learn only through experience. Only having tried a little watercolor, gouache, and acrylic you can understand which one is better for you. We have got through this too.

Having obtained experience, we decided that it would be worth helping others to simplify the task of choosing art items. In such a way, you could focus more on art. Thus, the first thing you need to know is that we manufacture goods as if we will use it ourselves. Second, we tried to make a comfortable structure and navigation for you to enjoy our site.

A Little Secret

Experienced artists believe that the basis for a realistic and harmonious painting is the understanding and the ability to convey light and shadow, as well as the right combination of colors. But the most important thing is your desire to create! Furthermore, it will tell you exactly, what you will draw and what kind of paint, pencils, or markers you will use. We have collected the most necessary tools that can be useful both to you personally and to your friends. Please yourself with a new item or do something nice for a loved one. And if you still think whether you should do painting, then the answer is – yes, of course. In a wide choice of tools, we will help you and deliver exactly what you need. Positive emotions are guaranteed! Besides, you will try something new and, perhaps, get a hobby. And we invite those for whom drawing is already a style of life, to evaluate our goods. Hope, you enjoy.


Skills come with experience.

We wish you good shopping and creative success!